Culture & Cuisine Package

Perfect for Students! Admission to The Brinton plus a Delicious Lunch.

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Your opportunity to go crazy!

We know most young adults likely won’t take advantage of something “boring” like visiting a museum, even if it is free, so we are offering you some parental, grandparental, kissing cousin or older (and wiser!) sibling encouragement. 

What better cultural encouragement than food?

We are offering a college student Culture & Cuisine Package that includes Museum Admission and Lunch at The Brinton Bistro including any entrée plus dessert, and non-alcoholic drink (or the Sunday Brunch Buffet) at the discounted rate of $20.  This is a savings of $12! We also have a Bring-A-Friend option for two students for only $39!

Encourage your college-aged student to step away from their connected device and take in some Wyoming history,  Western art, and Plains Indians culture at a beautiful, local setting all while partaking in a fresh, healthy meal.  How great is that?